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Tips and hints

The Frachtschiff-Touristik Kapitän Zylmann GmbH is the agent (mediator) in the trips described here,  but is not responsible for the on-board management of the trips. These are not all-inclusive trips.  The shipping lines are the carriers. Some voyage numbers are serviced by more than one ship, sometimes from different shipping lines.  We will of course provide the names of the ships and the shipping lines to all interested potential passengers.

The meals are includet in the fare. The passenger usually takes the meals in the officers messroom.

Variation in route may be necessary.

The shipping lines retain the right, in exceptional cases, to take on or discharge passengers in Germany’s neighbouring countries. In such cases, neither the shipping line nor the agent are responsible for additional costs to the passenger resulting from travelling to or/and from the port, hotel expenses, etc.  Variations in the ships’ scheduled routes cannot always be avoided.

We must also point out that neither the shipping line nor we can cover additional expenses to a passenger (hotel expenses, etc.) resulting from a ship not being able to depart on time due to schedule changes. Such schedule fluctuations, sometimes occurring shortly before scheduled departure, are to be expected when travelling on a freighter.  The type of cargo, the working hours at the port of call, the working hours of the locks, and the weather are all deciding factors for the time of departure.

On some ships, the presence of passengers on the bridge is limited. When navigating narrow or shallow waters, and while entering a harbor, the presence of passengers on the bridge is prohibited for safety reasons.

You must know that - depending to the season - the weather may be bad at sea with high seas and a heavy rolling and pitching vessel.

Swimming pools on board may not always be available for use, due to cold weather. Or, due to weight equilibrium on board, a pool may not always be filled with water.

Along with your reservation documents, you will receive our so-called “Board Letter”, which is an additional source of  general information for guests aboard  freighter vessels.  For example, you will find information concerning mealtimes on board, suitable clothing, legal tender ( money), and going on land at your port of call. Generally, after reading the Board Letter, all your questions will be answered.

Along with your reservation documents, you will usually receive a map of the harbor and pointers  for embarkation; additionally, we can almost always provide a ship- or cabin diagram when we send you the reservation confirmation.

Please pay attention to our information concerning visas and vaccinations, shown in the passage descriptions.

For countries, that ask for a visa, visas have also to be held if you don´t plan to go ashore. (exception: St. Petersburg, Russia)

For all voyages you need a passport, that is valid up to 6 months after end of the voyage.

It is absolutely imperative to get all vaccinations and procure all visas required for the areas you will be visiting, even if you do not plan to go on land!  We can provide information and addresses of consulates (if you have not booked at a travel agency which can provide you with this information).

However, you yourself must contact the embassies and consulates in question, to find out exactly what kind of visa you need. The shipping lines do not appreciate  delays or postponements in the ship’s schedule, and perhaps expenses, due to a passenger not having his necessary papers and vaccinations.

We must mention again that a voyage aboard a freighter vessel is not to be compared to a voyage on a passenger cruise ship.  A freighter serves the express purpose of transporting cargo, and the  body of statutes and particulars which regulate cargo transport must be followed.

On these ships, there is room to take on  from between 1 to 12 passengers.  This allows a passenger to experience an ocean-going vessel first-hand, to see what  seafaring is really  like. 

Please note the General Conditions of Frachtschiff-Touristik Kapitän Zylmann GmbH on the back of  the  reservation form, and the carrier contracts of the shipping lines, which we will gladly send if you do not have them yet.





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