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0701-SAF Hamburg - South Africa
Round trip approx. 86 days  |  One way trips possible
How to determine the price for your trip:
  1. mark your desired harbour of departure
  2. mark your desired destination
  3. mark your desired cabin
from/to Ports - countries duration in days till
  /  Hamburg - Germany
  /  Antwerp - Belgium 4
possibly Immingham - United Kingdom
possibly Leixoes - Portugal
  /  Walvis Bay - Namibia 26
  /  Cape Town - South Africa 31
  /  Durban - South-Africa 35
possibly Richards Bay - South Africa
  /  Durban - South-Africa 52
  /  Cape Town - South Africa 55
  /  Rotterdam - Netherlands 82
  /  Hamburg - Germany 86
A wonderful and unique freighter voyage from Northern Europe to South Africa offers this shipping company which is engaged in the South African trade for many years.

The trip is bookable as complete round trip (approx. 86 days) as well as one-way.


Hamburg or Antwerp - Walvis Bay (26/22 days)
Hamburg or Antwerp - Cape Town (31/27 days)
Hamburg or Antwerp - Durban (35/31 days)


Durban - Rotterdam or Hamburg (30/34 days)
Cape Town - Rotterdam or Hamburg (27/31 days)

An embarkation at Walvis Bay is not possible.

These freighter vessels carry containers and also a lot of general cargo, therefore the stay in ports vary and the schedule is not very exact. Also Additional ports may be called on very short notice, for example Le Havre, Leixoes or Vigo.

Departures: There is one sailing (sometimes two) per month. Bookings are accepted for departure in a month only (departure date between 1st and 31st of a month) as these vessels are not sailing on a regular basis. The exact sailing date will only be known a few days before the departure.

Two of the vessels have no pool.

If you are interested in taking your mobile home or car to South Africa, please ask us for the local cargo agent. He can inform you about the procedure and prices.

Subject to change without notice.

Medical Certificate: Passengers older than 70 years need a medical certificate in order to book a voyage. Please ask us for the form.

Deviation insurance for people aged 75 and over: 219 €.

Entry requirements:
One-way passengers to Namibia and South Africa have to show a valid return or onward ticket at arrival.

Covid19 regulations:
Covid19 vaccination required (min. 2 vaccination doses).

a vaccination against Yellow fever is required.
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Flag: Marschall Inseln
Captain: Polish
Shipping company: German
Build year: 2013
Ship size: 37.000 tdw
Length: 199,00 m
Width: 30,00 m
Voltage: 220 V.

Equipment: air condition, dvd/tv, fitness room. Ship currency: EUR

Age limit 6 / 78 years (from 70 with medical cert. before booking)

Two bed suite: "Owner"
shower/wc. 2 single beds. approx. 25 m incl. bathroom. Sofa,carpet, refrigerator, radio, DVD/TV. Location: D-deck (under the bridge). View normally open to front
price per person/day: EUR 100,-
price for a double cabin as a single cabin per person/day: EUR 115,-

Additionally to the cabin price:
Basic lump sum EUR 148,- and deviation insurance EUR 174,-.

Prices are fixed (food supply included) for the calculated days even if the duration or route vary. Frachtschiff-Touristik Kapitän Zylmann GmbH is intermediary between shipping company as carrier and the passenger.

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