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Kapitän Zylmann GmbH

1071-SAO Hamburg - Brazil/Uruguay
Round trip approx. 60 days  |  One way trips possible
How to determine the price for your trip:
  1. mark your desired harbour of departure
  2. mark your desired destination
  3. mark your desired cabin
from/to Ports - countries duration in days till
  /  Hamburg - Germany
Dakar - Senegal
  /  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 20
  /  Santos - Brazil 21
  /  Paranagua - Brazil 23
  /  Montevideo - Uruguay 25
  /  Santos - Brazil 33
  /  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 36
Dakar - Senegal
  /  Tilbury - United Kingdom 55
  /  Antwerp - Belgium 57
  /  Hamburg - Germany 60
Embarkation or disembarkation is possible just in European ports and in Buenos Aires.

Usually you can go ashore in the other ports during the laytime of the vessel. Passengers from Buenos Aires to Europe are just accepted if they did alraedy sailed with this line from Europe to Buenos Aires.

For cabins and prices (also for cars) please press the button
"Itinerary PDF" at the top of this page to see the pdf-description.

It´s only possible to book southbound voyages to Brazil/Uruguay and rountrips, north bound voyages from South America to Europe cannot be booked.

Subject to change.
Vaccination: Yellow fever

Con-Ro Schiffe

Flag: International
Captain: Italy/International
Shipping company: Italian
Build year: 1998/2003
Ship size: 56700 tdw
Length: 214 m
Width: 32,25 m
Voltage: 220 V.

Equipment: air condition, dvd/tv, fitness room. Ship currency: EUR

Age limit 6 / 78 years and perhaps older upon agreement

Cabins and prices: please click the button "Itinerary (pdf)" at the top of this page.
price per person/day: EUR 0,-
Double bed cabin: Owner
price per person/day: EUR 0,-
Bunk bed cabin:
price per person/day: EUR 0,-
Bunk bed cabin:
price per person/day: EUR 0,-
Two bed cabin:
price per person/day: EUR 0,-

Additionally to the cabin price:
Basic lump sum EUR 145,- and deviation insurance EUR 0,-.

Prices are fixed (food supply included) for the calculated days even if the duration or route vary. Frachtschiff-Touristik Kapitän Zylmann GmbH is intermediary between shipping company as carrier and the passenger.

Kapitän Zylmann GmbH

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