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1030-SAO USA/South America East Coast with Amazonas River
Round trip approx. 61 days  |  One way trips possible
How to determine the price for your trip:
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from/to Ports - countries duration in days till
  /  Rio de Janeiro (Itaguai) - Brazil
  /  Cartagena - Colombia 13
Kingston (*) - Jamaica
  /  New Orleans, Lousiana - USA 20
  /  Houston, Texas - USA 21
  /  Freeport - United States 22
  /  Veracruz - Mexico 25
Kingston (*) - Jamaica
  /  Cartagena - Colombia 32
Manzanillo (*) - Panama
  /  Manaus - Brazil 43
  /  Vitoria - Brazil 53
  /  Santos - Brazil 56
  /  Itajai - Brazil 57
  /  Paranagua - Brazil 59
  /  Santos - Brazil 60
  /  Rio de Janeiro (Itaguai) - Brazil 61
*) No one-way trips possible to these ports.

A fascinating trip starting from Rio de Janeiro to ports in the Caribbean, USA,
Mexico and through the rainforest in Brazil. You will travel nearly 1600 kilometers on the river Amzazonas, then you will arrive at Manaus, in the past one of the richest towns of the world, due to the export of rubber.

See the confluence of the two big rivers Negro and Solimoes to the Amazonas river and the old buildings at Manaus, remains of a glory epoch.

Departures: approx. six times per year

Subject to change without notice.
Visa: Important! All passengers need a B1/B2 visa for the USA (only except of citizen of the United States or Canada). ESTA is insufficient. German citizens who temporarily stay in Brazil as tourists do not need a visa. If your situation is different, please check with the Brazilian embassy. You should carry some colour passport pictures with you for your shore passes.

Vaccination: Yellow fever vaccination is obligatory.

Schiff Schiff 
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Flag: Liberia
Captain: international
Shipping company: German
Build year: 2005
Ship size: 41802 tdw
Length: 220,31 m
Width: 32,30 m
Voltage: 220 V.

Equipment: air condition, pool outside, table tennis, dvd/tv, fitness room. Ship currency: US$

Age limit 6 / 78 years and perhaps older upon agreement

Double bed cabin: "303 Owner"
shower/wc. Sofa, radio, video/tv. Double bed about 200 x 140 cm. Location: 3rd deck. View may be restricted by cargo
price per person/day: EUR 95,-
price for a double cabin as a single cabin per person/day: EUR 110,-
Single cabin: "Supercargo 604"
shower/wc. One bed 90 x 200 cm. Writing desk, refrigerator, sofa, radio-CD, tv with DVD. Location: 6th deck. Open view to the side
price per person/day: EUR 95,-

Additionally to the cabin price:
Basic lump sum EUR 250,- and deviation insurance EUR 160,-.

Prices are fixed (food supply included) for the calculated days even if the duration or route vary. Frachtschiff-Touristik Kapitän Zylmann GmbH is intermediary between shipping company as carrier and the passenger.

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